About FreeSpan Structures

To name a few, FreeSpan buildings provide solutions for agricultural use, waste management, investment protection, riding arenas, hockey and skate rinks, and municipal use.

Look below to see how FreeSpan Structures Inc. may help you solve your building problem in New Jersey.

Public works professionals across North America are discovering the FreeSpan advantages for fleet storage and maintenance, water and waste management facilities, salt and sand storage, and recreation centers. Our clear-span buildings have a pleasant, naturally lit environment and are independently pre-engineered for uncompromising quality and strength.

Every choice a producer makes today affects the bottom line. That's why FreeSpan buildings are the natural choice for agricultural uses. Lower costs: Natural light reaches every corner in a FreeSpan building, reducing or eliminating the need for artificial light. Natural ventilation improves air quality and the thermally non-conductive cover helps reduce dramatic temperature fluctuations. Hay Storage

A better ride in a controlled natural environment is what a FreeSpan building will provide for the equestrian. The FreeSpan arena is a calm and quiet place for enjoyable riding. In addition, FreeSpan buildings provide solutions for other recreational activities such as hockey, skating, etc. The Meadows at Lake Norman

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